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John Svazic Helps Keep Orcs Out of the Server Room

John is an information security expert. He leads Purple Teams (A combination of Red and Blue Teams) to make sure that companies are prepared for security attacks. John was recently showcased for adding a little variance to the Tabletop (security) world by introducing some tabletop (RPG) elements. No one had to role for initiative, but he was able to create a more realistic security experience..

[REPOST] - Kyle's IOS Dev Strategy

Well I made a mess of things with the last upload. There were issues all over the place. That's what new software will do to you! This is a re-release of the last episode. (Just so you get the notice) The original audio will be updated as well. No Show next week because of the 4th of July.

Kyle Cronin's iOS Dev Strategy

NOTE: The audio was replaced with a better copy as 28 Jun 2019 around 9:30PM (PST). Kyle is hoping to build his skillset in a way that terrifies some people. SHIPPING!

Heidi Helen is a Designer/Developer/Business Owner

When the project isn't hers she treats it like it is. Now that Heidi Helen Pilypas has a new app out we will see if how it feels when all the responsibility falls on her!

How Will Gant Gets Things Done (But Not That Way)

This is a continuation of last weeks conversation.

Will Gant's Power of Pace with your Project to Do More than Most (Part 1)

Will is one busy guy! This week we talk with the author, podcaster, and software engineer. About what has

App Camp 4 Girls and App Launch Map (with a move in the middle) w/ Aleen Simms

Aleen is one of my favorite people to talk to on the internet! She's doing some amazing things to help build a new generation of app developers!

Travel, Parenting, and ADHD with Heidi Waterhouse

Hedei Waterhouse is always somewhere different. Which isn’t the easiest thing in the world to handle. She somehow manages to make it look easy though!

An Analytical Breakdown of Video Games, Connection, and Content Creation - Steve Lubitz

My guest this week is someone I’ve followed regularly for years until he disappeared. Then I found him!

It's Easy When You're Customer Number One

Justin Duke loves making things almost as much as he loves emailing people. That is why he built Button-down, a developer-friendly email newsletter service that scratches all of his emailing itches.

What Companies AND Candidates can do Better in the Hiring Process with John Knox

This week, John Knox talks about his transition from a tech hub to Minneapolis Minnesota and what it was like for him going through the hiring process.

A Native Indi Creating an Indie Shop In Indi(ana)

This one goes out to all the small town folks!

Creating People to Look Up To - Maira Benjamin

What's it like progressing in the tech space with no one at your level that looks like you?

Podcast Ground Surfing with Brett Terpstra

The "Mad Scientist of the Internet" is back! Brett Terpstra jumps on the podcast to tell us about a new hobby that he's picked up, away from the computer screen.

A Chokehold on your Career with Tre Island

This week's guest is long time PIT community member, my former conference roommate and FREAKIN' PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER! Tre Island.

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